Zen Latino

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A unique synthesis between the simplicity of Zen and the natural vitality, joy and exuberance of the Latin spirit.
The spirit of Zen includes humor as a spiritual dimension, Osho – Zen: Zorba the Buddha, takes Zen an step further adding more Zalza to Zen.

“Zen means only sitting and going to the source, without going anywhere an enormous energy rises and a transformation of energy in Light and Love, in more life, more compassion, more creativity. It can take many forms, but first you have to learn how to go to your center, to the source. Then the source decides what your potential is. If you can relax, at the source, it will take you to your true potential”.

“Your enlightenment is perfect only when silence has come to be a celebration. Hence my insistence that after you meditate you must celebrate. After you have been silent you must enjoy it, you must have a thanksgiving. A deep gratitude must be shown towards the whole just for the opportunity that you are, that you can meditate, that you can be silent, that you can laugh.”

“One day it happens, you are not feeling sleepy, the mind has become tired of you, is fed up with you, has dropped the idea that you can be trapped, is simply finished with you! There is no sleep, no hallucination, no dream, no thought. You are simply sitting there doing nothing…and all is silence and all is peace and all is bliss. You have entered God, you have entered truth.” Osho

My Manifesto of Zen is that Zorba and Zen are not antagonistic to each other.
The Zorba can melt into Zen, and only then will both be complete….
In the completion of Zorba and Zen, a tremendous quality comes to your life:
you relish every moment of the outside world, every flower of the outside world.
And you relish simultaneously the inner freedom, the inner joy, the inner drunkenness…. Only in completion is there bliss. Osho