The Way of Tao

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A retreat to treat yourself

TAO the three treasures : Meditation retreats (7 or 3 days)

In nature living simply and spontaneously finding the miraculous in the immediate “ordinary” day to day life.
A time without structure, going with the flow and “selecting” spontaneously from a delicious menu of Osho’s main Meditations, Taoist’s Meditation, Healing, Creativity, relaxation, play and working meditation or “just” sitting silently.
A chance to rest and leisurely realize the treasure of being.

“Accept yourself. That is the only reality there is, that is the only possibility there is. Accept yourself as you are and suddenly everything is transformed. Acceptance is the word for Lao Tzu, not enlightenment — total acceptance, whatsoever the case is. Nothing else is possible.
This is how things are. This is how you have happened into this vast universe. This vast universe wanted you to be like this — now you accept.”

“Taoists are not concerned whether enlightenment happens suddenly or gradually. They don’t care. Lao-Tzu is not interested, he says : to be ordinary is to be enlightenment. It is not something special that one has to attain, it is not an achievement, it is not something that one has to reach. It is you – you flower in your absolute ordinary state. To be extraordinary is the sickness of the ego”.

“All great things happen, they can’t be done, and they happen for no reason at all…Remember it”. Osho