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The Return of the Goddess

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Falling in Silence – Rising in Love

The time for love is in our hands let’s celebrate now:
The Return of the Goddess is a journey from attachment to love

Would you like to: -love and be loved? -receive and surrender? -love and be free? Are you ready to feel, understand and let-go of “The need to be needed?”

We invite you to be part of our School of Goddesses taking a journey back to yourself come to -dissolve the imprints of the past -discover your inner source of energy -dissolve in your essence: orgasmic, creative, mystique. -awaken your potentials -contribute to the creation of a more conscious era -and “just” honor what you already are: a loving, powerful, fun goddess a unique, simple wonderful flower…

A 7 days retreat includes:
woman-moon: receptivity-love
woman-sun: creativity-meditation
woman-ocean: integration-light
Or a 3 week-ends journey

Woman – Moon : Receptivity – Love

An opportunity to re-discover the female energy, in its most complete an conscious expression.
A space where woman come together to feel, heal and understand the psychological energetic and collective wounds of the conditioned unconscious female mind.
Healing the space of receptivity. Rediscovering the female essence. Relaxing in the beauty of being a woman and using this gift to rise in love.

“Love has made people fall and love has made people rise high. It all depends on what you have done with love.”

“The woman attains to meditation through love. She has known meditation through love. She is saturated with love. For her the name for meditation is love, prayer.” Osho

Woman – Sun : Creativity – Meditation

Moving according to Osho’s vision for a new woman’s liberation we invite you to look deeper into the unconscious female mind of the “need to be needed “.
We can enter consciously and with courage into the space of loneliness by daring to feel the wounds of abandonment and facing the fear of death we may come out of the tunnel into the light, dignity, strength and freedom of aloneness.
A great energy is released then into an explosion of creativity, independence, resolution, assertiveness, clarity and light.
The woman-sun shines in all her splendor.

“A journey to our inner being is a journey to absolute aloneness. You cannot take anyone with you, you cannot share your center with anyone, not even with your lover.”

“Celebrate your aloneness, celebrate your pure space and a great melody will come out of your heart. It will be a melody of consciousness, of meditation.” Osho

Woman – Ocean : Integration – Light

By understanding that being a woman is the gift we can surrender and relax in the strength of receptivity, vulnerability and devotion (space of love).
By entering aloneness (space of meditation), we can find the strength of silence. In the melting of Sun and Moon energies, alone and in love in the silence of the ocean, the woman also disappears.

No woman – no moon
No woman – no sun
Only the silence of the ocean remains.

“My whole life has been devoted to only one simple program, how to bring love and meditation together because only through that meeting a new humanity is possible and only in the meeting of love and meditation the duality of man and woman the inequality of man and woman disappears”.

“This is your nature, you can not do anything about it. As soon as you go inside yourself all connections with the outer world break, all the bridges, in fact, everybody disappears”. Osho