The Innocence of the Heart

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A dolphin date

“I’m a child playing on the seashore of time”. Osho

We can become what we once were: an innocent child, playing on the seashore for no reason at all, just for the joy of it! The way is the way of the heart and the key is the key of acceptance.
To regain this lost key Osho has created many devices and Meditation techniques. We invite you to experiment and have a taste of Osho’s meditative Therapies (Mystic rose, Born again) and other Heart meditations from the V.B.T (Vhigyan Bhairav Tantra). Through this simple and powerful devices we can regain the lost treasures of our childhood, treasures like love, intuition , trust, integrity, courage, joy, innocence, wonder and delight.
When the child creator is freed again, we can paint, write, play, act, sing and dance to our hearts content.
We are also invoking the presence of the dolphins, to open and heal our hearts, to inspire and guide us with their playful sensuous, innocent and loving touch into another dimension of being. A word of harmony and silent joy.
In the deeper spaces of the heart called by the mystics: the empty heart exists it’s most precious treasure, in this space we simply are, an innocent child, fresh like a rose flower, happy just to be, a child-Buddha in wonder and ah !

“The heart is the most mysterious center in man . And unless your heart starts functioning, you will not know what is the purpose of life. With the heart the first beginning of the higher vast spaces open. You are getting out of the tunnel.” Osho

“Whenever you are surrendered to existence, whenever you are in trust, love and prayer, you are in heaven.” Osho