Sense and Sensitivity Training

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An Energy Experience

In these days you are welcome to nurture your sensitivity and natural capacity to perceive, to sense and see, to listen and “know” from within, to detect and recognize the different qualities of vibrations in each energy center (chakra) and it’s corresponding body.
You will learn to open your heart and get rooted in your hara, to trust your feelings, intuitions and in-sights and act accordingly.
You will be receiving a teaching from within, expanding your capacity to sense and perceive beyond the physical plane, increasing what is known as extra-sensorial-perception (e.s.p.) This knowing from within and trusting in the unknown comes from your rootedness in meditation, the silent source from which springs all clarity, healing and peace.

Therefore the essential core of this training is meditation, the art, science and knack of diving in your center, connecting to yourself to the empty space of being.
Once you get this knack of moving into the center and “learn” to rest in emptiness you become more open, present, sensitive, receptive, vulnerable and available to perceive the movement of energy in yourself first of all. In others and in the world around you.
You will learn to play with these reflections in the empty mirror, watching how they unfold on their own, coming from a space of non-doing you will be able to communicate, express and share a timeless wisdom and become a “channel” of existence as every one else is.

Meditation will give you enough transformation, understanding; clarity and consciousness so that you can play with these tools of light, remaining respectful, reverent and grateful, encouraging everyone’s freedom, responsibility and what Osho calls :
“choiceless awareness”, being more of a midwife then a healer you empower everyone to follow their own inner light and share your experience without imposing your vision, trusting your senses and expanding your sensitivity, learning to “work” from emptiness.

This training gives you a chance to recognize and own the gifts that come your way giving them back to existence, remembering that each one of us carries a seed , an inner healer, you will nurture the seed in you and in those around you remaining present and playful, reverent and non goal oriented, trusting the spring will come when we are ready…and that healing is being natural again.

You are welcome to be part of this sacred fun journey.
To be in for few days , in a healing retreat and to simply enjoy playing with energy like a child plays for no reason at all just for the joy.

heart and hara centering
scanning the energy centers
sensing the energy field
detecting contraction and expansion
diagnosis or energy x – ray
charging and amplifying
discharging and releasing
energy clearing devices
the art of waiting and allowing
restoring balance and harmony
integrating and celebrating
being present and playful

“when fun and sacredness meet
there arises a quality in you
that can help
this is the alchemy of help
fun and sacredness meeting in you ”