Passion for Life

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finding your talents and treasures

this is a treasure hunt to rediscover
– first:
the golden child’s talents and treasures alive in you now.
a chance to find your true vocation in a simple and playful way
going back in time to retrieve the freshness of the star child in you.
you can move from the wounded child into the wonder child.
you can resource yourself with the joy, imagination, creativity, authenticity and vitality of your own inner golden child

 – then:
going further beyond time and space you can retrieve the talents and treasures gathered in other lives and reignite your passion in this very life.
here is a chance to find the courage to live according to your soul’s calling, allowing yourself to trust your energy and follow your heart’s longings.
by finding your true vocation you can move from working for a living into working just for fun!
dare to live your passion before life leaves you, only then there is no death, only the fun of totality, let go and play.
do you want to try it?

tools for this treasure hunt:
– tempo devices
– creative visualizations
– dream work and energy play
– story telling and story weaving
– role play and theatre games
– voice and corporal expression
– painting and dancing
– clown discovery
– the unexpected

extra tool:
trance voyages to the supercouncious in order to find the gifts and abilities developed in other lives, lives where we have experienced
moments of love, joy, peace, meditation and creative heights.
this course is designed to create a space for you where you can trust and follow your joy, your passion. it will lead you to find what you are meant to be “doing” so that your work can become a creative play.
you maybe surprised how work can be so much fun!