Chakra Healing

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Chakra Healing is a process which detects wounds in the emotional body and releases them into a healing process. Emotional traumas, deep-seated mental blocks and even chronic physical symptoms can often be traced to past life experiences still locked in the chakras, or energy centers, of our unconscious. Chakra Healing releases these blocks to consciousness and restore the natural flow of our energy Healing then happens by itself.

Chakra Healing is a deep energy group helping individuals to explore the strength and contradictions in their energy centers or chakras. The group supports , people understand and work with their subtle energy bodies. We use dynamic meditations, hypnosis, past life movies, color healing, dance, shamanistic energy work, and theatre structures each day to charge one of the five basic energy centers, the sexual center, the power center, the heart center, the throat center and the third eye. By bringing energy to those centers, the wounds or contradictions from childhood and past lifes surface by themselves and participants learn healing ways to release and harmonize these energies.

This group is an opportunity for people wanting to go one step further in the Chakra Healing.