Beyond Family Constellation

By December 3, 2019No Comments

We all carry an internal blueprint of our family. This blueprint enforces its structures on us and influences the ways we relate to ourselves, to others and to our surroundings.
The Family Constellation process provides us with an opportunity to look at how unconscious entanglements from our family affect our present day relationships, whether romantic, within the family itself, or at work. This entanglements get dissolved and  become links of Love.

This method is a way to understand that we have been carrying burdens which do not belong to us, and in this understanding they are dropped.
A way to lovingly heal old wounds and to step into the present with a new energy, a new opening to the possibilities that life brings. It is above all, a way to make space in your life for love to flow anew and meditation to go deeper.


Great courage is needed for that – to get rid of the family conditioning – because one feels guilty, as if one is betraying one’s parents. But if the parents are mad then it is perfectly right to get out of their possessiveness. And they are mad, they are neurotic! In fact, to condition a child with any ideology is inhuman, but inhumanity is practised with such beautiful labels that unless you dig very deep you will not find the reality.