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Osho Meditation Resort

Tantra for Women
A gathering of women ready to look into the depth of their female conditioning in order to rediscover the essence of their feminine energy.
Feb 24 – 26, 2017 ~ Ambu

Being a Woman
Explore Osho’s insights into being an authentic woman, beyond the limitations of conditioning.
Mar 5 – 7, 2017 ~ Ambu

Being a Woman Intensive
In this intensive for woman you will learn how to create and guide a women’s circle for healing, meditation and celebration.
Mar 12 – 16, 2017 ~ Ambu

Opening to the Heart
21-23 March
Info Talks 19-20 March
Taster 19 March

Reliving Past Lives: Living Now!
01-03 April
Info Talks 30-31 March
Taster 30 March

Tantra Zen
08-10 April
Info Talks 06-07 April
Taster 06 April

OSHO Mystic Rose
11-01 July
Info Talks 08-10 June
Taster 09 & 10 June

Tantra for Woman
05-07 July
Info Talks 03-04 July
Taster 03 July

Reliving Past Lives: Living Now!
10-12 July
Info Talks 08-09 July
Taster 08 July

Opening to the Heart
18-20 July
Info Talks 16-17 July
Taster 16 July

Being a Woman
28-31 July
Info Talks 26-27 July
Taster 27 July
Being a Woman
July 28- 30

A day for the Heart
Aug 5

Celebrating the New Woman
Aug 18-20

A Day for the Heart
6 August

Celebrating the New Woman
18-20 August

The Joy of Love – Maldives Dolphin Romance Course
11-19 Sep / 17
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